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Having a clean slate isn't just about having a clean house. The in-depth sorting and de-cluttering provided by CleanSlate is so much more. Professional organizing is an investment and can simplify your life and create a sense of order and calmness that will help ease the stress of everyday life.


Organizing is my passion as well as my business. With each project I take on, I strive to create a well-functioning space that can be easily maintained by the client after I have completed the project. During your complimentary on-site or virtual consultation, we will discuss your specific needs and create a plan that will be a perfect fit for you, your home and your lifestyle.


Whether you are downsizing your empty nest, preparing for a new member of the family or just need help getting that pantry, closet or garage under control, CleanSlate can help. Call to see what a difference having CleanSlate can make in your home and your life!

Organizing is my Passion...
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