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"Cleanslate is an awesome company. Sue has helped me clean out, organized and manage a very large home from deep in closets to the bottom of drawers. She is thoughtful in her advice and highly respectful of my ideas and needs.  Sue brings supplies, labels, ladders and everything for organizing. She is fun to work with. Additional she has helped me list and get rid of furniture and other donate items. Always on time and reliable. I would give her a 100% score in all areas. What is a further statement to her skills, is that I rarely move or change anything she does in my home."

— Bobbye ★★★★★

"Sue and her associates were a godsend.  The leve of professionalism is unmatched. She is friendly, offers helpful suggestions and goes beyond what one would expect. I recommend her service to anyone without question."

— Jay ★★★★★

"Sue is a fantastic organizing professional. She has helped me organize my entire home: every cabinet, every drawer, every closet. Because of Sue's transformation of my 'space', I am calmer, less mentally (and physically!) scattered, and, frankly, happier!  Sue's logical suggestions are easy to implement and stick with. She can help you decide, quickly, what you should donate, what you should toss, what you should keep, and where it should go so you can find it fast when you need it. Thank you, Sue, for pulling me out of my avalanche of clutter and launching me on my new "I know right where everything is, and I can keep it that way" lifestyle! You should be cloned!"

— Nancy ★★★★★

"Sue really did help me in making a home. As worn out as I was with this move. She assured me it's ok to ask for help. No shame. Her patience and understanding made me so comfortable. I will use her again and most definitely recommend her."

— Leslie ★★★★★

"We couldn’t have been happier with Sue’s work. She really did take care of every single spot and made sure that everything was where it belonged and organized in a very systematic way. Amazing work!"

— Sofia ★★★★★

"Sue was amazing! My mom & I have a lot of clutter and needed someone to come in and help us organize and move furniture. Sue came in and worked her magic and completely transformed my room! She helped me get rid of many things & organized my entire room. We are definitely having her back to do more rooms in the house :) 10/10 recommended!"

— Brenna ★★★★★

"I wish I could have chosen all 5 of the “what did you like best” she was great! We had a great time. She was very active in our planning and she helped guide me in what to buy that would fit the space and go with my style. We had some great conversation and brainstorming as well. I enjoyed every bit of her help and opinions! She didn’t just work on my closet today.. she helped me hang items that had been propped up against a wall for 4 years.. helped me say goodbye to items I forgot I had.. I liked that she took into consideration my lifestyle and vibe. Thank you. Can’t wait to tackle this kitchen and laundry room next."

— Jen ★★★★★

"I have a home office space that I have never been fully satisfied with. I decided to hire a home organizer to help with the space. Sue came in and did an awesome job! She is a great person to work with. She has a vision and carries it out flawlessly. Now every time I walk into my office I do so with a smile. She created an environment that is now calming instead of chaotic. I am a widow, and she even asked her husband to help me with some things around the house. I couldn’t ask for a better person and I highly recommend her for any future projects you may have."

— Marcetta ★★★★★

"This was the best gift to myself and absolutely worth it! My closet had gotten so bad that it was depressing going in my closet everyday. Sue inspired me to purge then came over to my house and worked non stop for hours. She was prepared with everything needed to transform my closet and boy was it transformed. It is now clean and so organized. When I first saw it I cried. I highly recommend her to transform your closet or living space. She is now scheduled to organize my daughter’s closet and we can’t wait! Thank you Sue!"

— Nena ★★★★★

"I started out in a daze about where to begin with organizing my new home. Sue at CleanSlate is wonderful at her job. She is kind and no-nonsense and we make so much progress each time she’s here. I will be using her services often and certainly recommend her to everyone."

— Linda ★★★★★

"My home was a big mess during the Covid years being in the healthcare system. It was very overwhelming and that’s when I found Sue the organizer . She was a Godsend for me and helped me organize the entire home to where it’s both functional and aesthetic . She shared some real tips which are invaluable. All my things are labeled, so all know the location. She is very patient and works with you at your time line which was very nice. I would highly recommend her."

— Lakshmi ★★★★★

"I don't know that I can express how wonderful Sue and her team are or how much stress she was able to take off my plate or how much I love the work they did, but I truly believe God sent her my way to save my sanity and help me enjoy my new home. I'm forever grateful for her help and her willingness to go out of her way to shop for me.  I would have NEVER been able to achieve what she did, I don't have the vision or patience.  She is wonderful, simply wonderful.

— Michael ★★★★★

"Sue was a lifesaver! She was a great communicator and responded and worked quickly. She came over and transformed my house from a place that stressed me out to a place that I am proud to call home. Thank you so much!"

— Michelle ★★★★★

"I wasn’t sure about hiring someone. I didn’t want to feel judged. But I was at peace once I had my consultation. It turned out even better than I could imagine."

— Tyshara ★★★★★

"Sue and her team are the exception.. very professional, dependable and compassionate. I confidently recommend them without reservation."

— Debra ★★★★★

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